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Sydney Miszuk Member of the Month

By January 26, 2017No Comments

Congratulations to Sydney Miszuk, who is our Member of the Month for January 2017.

Sydney hasn’t been a member at Momentum for very long. However, she has made the most of her time and has overcome some major barriers and made significant changes to her lifestyle.

When asked why Sydney joined Momentum, she said:

“I joined Momentum to reach the goals I’ve laid out for myself. I’m 16 years old, and I decided I need to make a change and a difference in myself. I have goals to reach for when I’m in grade 12 (mainly since prom will be that year), and I want to look as confident as I’ll feel! Not just for prom, but I’m ultimately doing this for myself. As a 16-year-old girl, society is a huge factor for how girls my age may act or dress. Some may do things only to please others and society rather than themselves. I want to be different and do this for me and only me. My main goal is to become healthy and get in shape!”

Sydney acknowledged that her main challenge to exercise was motivation, saying, “Before I joined Momentum, I had never been a member at a gym, and I had never experienced the environment at a gym. I wasn’t a girl who was much into sports, so it was harder for me to get the exercise I needed.”

Since joining Momentum, Sydney says that she has never been more determined, happy or excited to workout.

What we love most about Sydney is her commitment to changing her lifestyle and overcoming a barrier like motivation that affects us all at different times and in varying degrees.

When we asked Sydney to offer advice to other Momentum members, here is what she said:

“Fellow members who are looking to achieve their goals should go at their own pace and do what they feel comfortable with. It’s better to start slow and steady than to jump into something you may not be ready for.”

Great advice Sydney!  Thank you and congratulations for being our Member of the Month!