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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Workout Gear

By January 20, 2017No Comments

When it comes to choosing the right workout gear, it can be hard to know where to start. With fashion trends and seasonal weather, the fitness fashion industry seems to be constantly changing. However, at Momentum Fitness we encourage our members to focus less on fashion and more on comfort and fit. The top priority is your health, wellness, and fitness, so when it comes to choosing the right workout gear, what you’re wearing can be a huge benefit to your body.

Below are 5 tips for choosing the right workout gear:

  1. Consider the fabric

Choose a fabric that will easily allow your skin to breathe by drawing the sweat away from your skin – this is called wicking. Fabrics that are known for wicking are Polyester, Spandex, and Lycra. Of course, you want to choose good quality brands that are durable to withstand your exercises.

Although 100% cotton workout gear may seem like a soft and comfortable choice, avoid wearing this fabric to the gym. Cotton absorbs moisture and doesn’t dry quickly, so your sweat will literally stick with you. It can become heavier, cause chills, skin irritations, breakouts, and cause friction in chafe-prone areas.

Our Sweat Equity partners over at Moksha Yoga Hamilton carry Lululemon gear, which has been brilliantly designed to be comfortable, breathable and chafe resistant. Yes, we said it – chafe resistant, because who wants to worry about chafing while they’re exercising? Lululemon designs with Nakedseam™ for a flat, smooth, seamless fabric with elastics on the outside of hems so that you aren’t rubbed the wrong way.

  1. Wear form-fitting clothes

When you’re first starting out with an exercise routine, you may be tempted to gear up in your baggiest, comfiest sweats. Although they’re ideal for keeping you warm on those cold winter nights, baggy sweat suits can get in the way of your workout and affect your performance. It’s best to choose form-fitting clothes that will move with your body and keep you comfortable. A slightly loose fit is also a good option as long as it doesn’t drape too far off your body.

  1. A good sports bra is your new best friend

Okay now ladies, this one’s for you: a good sports bra is key to a good workout. They’re designed to support and compress your breasts so that you have a more comfortable workout. Not to mention, they help prevent tears and strain to your muscles. You should look for a sports bra that’s snug – it should feel slightly tighter than your regular bra – with wider straps and bands at the bottom to disperse weight and provide maximum support. I promise you, you’ll thank us for this tip.

  1. Not all shoes fit the same

Every pair of feet have their unique needs, and every pair of shoes have their unique offering. Your level of activity and what you plan to do with the shoe will help to determine which shoe is right for you. There are shoes designed for running, walking, hiking, weightlifting, biking, and field and court sports.

Our Sweat Equity partners at Runners Den have a high stock of shoes for many levels of activity. Since every brand fits differently, they don’t actually measure your foot. Instead, they examine your old shoes to assess your wear. They’ll also analyze your feet while standing and walking to help you find the right shoe for your foot. Consider yourself a local version of Cinderella while you’re in their care.

Pro Tip: You should replace your shoes about every 800 km. If you exercise one or two days a week, a new pair once a year is fine, but if you exercise almost every day, you should replace them closer to every three months.

  1. Accessorize!


There are a lot of great accessories designed to enhance your workout. For heart rate monitors, we recommend the Polar Heart Rate Sensor. If you’re a regular at our Frid Street classes, you’ll definitely want to pick up a heart rate sensor. This tool helps you track your intensity and effort during class workouts and measures your total calories burned.


Your smartphone can be a huge help when it comes to exercise. From music to your MyWellness app, it can help keep your momentum going throughout your workout. We suggest using an armband to stay hands-free during those important hands-on exercises (and to avoid your phone falling out of your pocket constantly).


Hydration is the key to success when it comes to exercising! Stay happy and hydrated at the gym with a 750 ml stainless steel water bottle from Momentum Fitness. Alternatively, if you’re out on the run, our Sweat Equity partners at Adventure Attic have great choices for staying hydrated with hydration packs, designed to hold liquids in a small backpack with a nozzle to drink.


 If you have any more questions about choosing the right workout gear, don’t hesitate to ask one of our awesome Coaches. They’d be happy to lend you some advice!

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