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You’re Not Alone! Most Embarrassing Gym Moments

By January 19, 2018March 9th, 2019No Comments

We believe that embarrassing moments are meant to happen for 2 reasons:

ONE: To remind us that we’re not perfect.

TWO: To remind us not to take life so seriously. Embarrassing for you means laughter for others and laughter for you in the future.

Aside from laughing at other’s blunders, something else that’s funny is that we all get embarrassed by things that happen in the gym. So before you try to crawl into a hole, realize that everyone at some time or another has had an embarrassing moment during a workout.

The Balancing Act

I had finally worked myself up to using a bar to squat. The gym was really busy, and there was only one squat rack available, which someone had left weights on. It was my first time using it, and silly me didn’t realize if you take 135 lbs off one side, you’d need to do the same thing on the other side. When I went to lift the bar, the end with weight smashed into the cement floor and the other end went flying up towards my face, just skinning my nose.

  • Steph

The Toot

When I was a student at Mohawk College, I was exercising in their glassed-in yoga room. Now, I don’t know if you know this about core exercises, but they push on very specific parts of your lower abdomen. So here I was, minding my own business doing core exercises when I had a very loud and pronounced toot. It was the second week of school, and of course, a bunch of my new classmates were in there. They all turned and stared at me.

  • Cole


The first time was when I was at a gym and I was using equipment the wrong way. I couldn’t figure out why I was having such a hard time leaning back on this machine. It was supposed to be a crunch machine, but turns out I was using it backwards. I didn’t notice until much later when a trainer took somebody on it.

The second time was when I was at a spin class. The workout was really hard, and after about 10 minutes I started blacking out. I had to get off the bike, and I woozied out into the hall – where they had glass walls – and I vomited into a bucket. And everyone saw me.

  • Jackie

Target Practice

I played basketball my whole life, so needless to say, I’m pretty used to throwing and catching balls. I was training at Lebron James’ facility down in the states, and we were doing medicine ball throws up a wall. The trainer didn’t tell us to not to catch the ball so when it came back down I obviously tried to catch it – and I folded like a lawn chair. It was a 15kg ball!

  • Mark

Bottom Out

It was one of the first times I was using the squat rack. The weight was loaded up on the bar and I went down to do a squat and completely lost my balance, fell backwards, and landed on my butt. I didn’t get hurt, but it was still super embarrassing.

  • Alix

Nah, I’m Cool

I was doing close-grip bench presses using a bar. A guy saw me on the bench and asked if I wanted a spotter.  I told him I was good on my own, and literally, while he was still walking away, I dropped the weight and got pinned under the bar. I couldn’t lift it back up and I had to ask that same guy to help get me out.

  • Darren

All Eyes On You

I was teaching a group fitness class in front of 30 people. I was on a stability ball pressing dumb bells overhead when I lost my balance and went flying into the floor. It was like a scene from a movie. The group laughed so hard, they literally couldn’t contain themselves.

  • Sam