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Nicole Mastroieni Member of the Month

By September 14, 2017No Comments
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Congratulations to our Member of the Month for September, Nicole Mastroieni!

Nicole has been a member at Momentum since May 2016 and has shown a huge level of dedication since the first day she walked in the doors.

When she joined Momentum, Nicole was working at the Hamilton Spectator and came to class with two of her friends from work. Not only did her friends help motivate her to come to class, but it was also pretty hard to pass up on a workout when Momentum was conveniently located less than 350 meters from her work. Nowadays, she drives over 30km just to make it to class on time after work!

In the past year, Nicole has changed jobs and started a new career in Stoney Creek, purchased her own condo, and has still managed to come to classes 5-6 days a week, every week! She’s committed to achieving her fitness goals, and she truly won’t let anything stand in her way.

Like many of us, motivation has been one of Nicole’s biggest barriers to exercising. That’s why she finds the classes to be really helpful at keeping her on track with her fitness goals.


“Physically signing up for a class and being accountable to the Coaches here really helps to keep you motivated. I’ve made friends here, I actually enjoy the workout, and Coach Brian is really great at building energy during class. On top of that, seeing the results has been the most motivating thing. I genuinely enjoy going to the gym now.”

Nicole is the type of person who takes the extra step and goes the extra mile during her workouts. She sees the changes and the impact that physical activity has on her life, and she gives it 100% effort – she’s a total powerhouse!


“My goal is to be my healthiest self, and Momentum has impacted everything with that. I feel happier all the time and I have a lot more energy. If I ever have a bad day I’ll come to the gym and immediately feel better, and that feeling lasts the rest of the night!”

Nicole was a connector for the 2017 Climb for Cancer and all of its donated food through Longo’s Canada. She’ll do anything she can to support the Momentum community, and that includes the annual Climb. You’ll be able to find Nicole hustling up and down the stairs at Tim Horton’s Field on October 11th at the Pop Up Climb for Cancer. With her best friends in tow, you’ll want to keep an eye out for her power crew as they step in front of cancer!

Nicole has brought 3 new friends to classes this year and continues to promote Momentum everywhere she goes. We can almost guarantee that other class members would recognize Nicole for her dedication this year.


After attending almost daily classes for over a year, you can count on some solid advice from Nicole. “One piece of advice for a new member is to not feel self-conscious when you come here. I felt self-conscious at the last few gyms I was at, but the culture at Momentum is completely different. You can talk to anyone in the class – everyone will help you and they’re really happy to help you. The members are so friendly here and everyone is at a different level or pace. The coaches are so welcoming and will explain everything to you. It’s a space where you can feel completely comfortable and build confidence through fitness. Plus, there’s always something going on to make you want to keep coming back. The fact that I’m still coming here says a lot about the impact that Momentum has had on me.”

Congratulations again to Nicole for being our Member of the Month for September! Thank you for sharing your story with us!


If you felt inspired by Nicole’s story and experience in class, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to get you started on your own fitness journey.