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I’m Eating Healthy, but I’m Not Losing Weight!

By July 28, 2018March 9th, 2019No Comments

Have you ever analyzed your weight loss progress while eating healthy and not see any results?  Do you wonder why?  It’s the million dollar question with more of a simple answer: when it comes to weight loss, the most important aspect is achieving a calorie deficit!

A healthy meal plan

Lets dive in deeper by looking at the healthy meal plan below, using a 2,000 calorie day:

Breakfast: smoothie (almond milk, berries, spinach, chia seeds) = 500 cal

Snack: 200g greek yogurt = 150 cal

Lunch: 0.5 chicken + salad + beans = 500 cal

Snack: banana + almonds = 250 cal

Dinner: 0.5 salmon fillet + 1 cup of brown rice + veggies = 600 cal

How to make it work for your goals

Although this meal plan is healthy, if you needed 2,000 maintenance calories per day, you would simply be maintaining your weight with this meal plan. 

If you only needed 1,800 calories in a day, you would slowly be gaining weight because you are consuming more calories than your body needs; a calorie surplus

And if you needed 2,200 calories in a day, you would slowly lose weight since you are now consuming fewer calories than you need in a day; a calorie deficit

If the meal plan above was more junk food based, but still equalled a total of 2,000 calories per day, you would achieve the same results which are explained above. However, eating a junk food meal plan would not be wise for a number of reasons. Eating healthy is always recommended because it provides your body with micronutrients which contribute to many health benefits. We urge everyone to make healthy choices when they can.

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