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Feature: Moksha Yoga in the Park

By June 7, 2017No Comments
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Yoga in the Park

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous.” Aristotle

Let us begin with a gentle reminder: yoga is far more than a series of poses. It’s more than the physical, more than the meditation, more than even the breath. Moksha has identified 7 pillars that are the foundations of the organization. These pillars guide all the studio’s actions and goals, and at Moksha, we’ve found the perfect compliment to all 7 pillars: our Free Outdoor Yoga Classes. 

Let’s explore!

1) Be Healthy

Even 15 minutes in sunlight will give you a natural boost of Vitamin D. This helps boost your serotonin levels, and could also help you sleep more soundly at night. 

2) Be Accessible

Our outdoor classes are completely free. This removes one of the biggest obstacles that most people say prevents them from doing yoga more frequently— the cost. Yoga is also always physically accessible: never be afraid to talk to your teacher about finding a modification that works best for your better, before, during, or after class. 

3) Community Support

The outdoor classes are held at locations in the community around the city: Dundas Valley Conservation Centre, City Hall, and Valley Park Recreation Centre. These locations were strategically chosen as hubs in the community to be accessible to the most people at once! 

4) Live to Learn

In providing free classes, we are helping encourage learning about yoga and the environment. This is a true combination of the ideas of Living and Learning.

5) Be Peace

There is nothing more peaceful than a savasana outside, with the music of nature helping set the tone and ambiance of your final resting pose. Being outside and doing yoga both foster a sense of peace that you will carry with you all day, and share with others around you. 

6) Reach Out

We have partnered with members of our local community, such as the Hamilton Conservation Authority, and the City of Hamilton, to provide active service in the hopes of changing lives for the better in the city that we love and live in. 

Last but not least, the biggest pillar MYH’s Free Outdoor Yoga supports is:

7) Live Green

Our classes are outside, in the elements, and the wind and sun and trees are as much a part of the class as the teacher or your yoga mat. To take time in nature is to appreciate nature, making it easier stay mindful about the environment, and to make decisions throughout our day to day lives that benefit, not harm, the planet. 

Join us for yoga in the park and you’re accomplishing so much more than practice. You can find us every Tuesday at the Dundas Valley Conservation area at 6 pm, every Thursday at City Hall at noon, and every Thursday at Valley Park at 5:45. In case you missed it, classes are my favourite price: free. Additionally, you can join our friends, Momentum Fitness, on Wednesdays at 12 pm outside City Hall for a free TRX workout. Hope to see you there, sunshine 🙂 

About the Author: 

Nicole Doro is a tree hugging, book loving yogi who you’ll see behind the desk at Moksha Yoga Hamilton. For more tree hugging, book loving, and yoga, catch her at @nicoledoro on IG.