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Family Fitness – Brian’s Bayfront Walk

By August 12, 2016No Comments
Bayfront Walk
As an entrepreneur in the fitness industry it’s never hard to find a way to get active.  It is, however, a challenge to maintain a work life balance with my family.  So scheduling time on the calendar to enjoy quality time is something my wife and I make sure we do and many times this involves doing something active.  After all, the mental health reward that is guaranteed from being outdoors and getting our blood pumping helps us feel brand new after long work days.
We enjoy going to some of our favourite Hamilton walking routes usually to enjoy coffee or a meal at the end of our walk. We circle many of Hamilton’s most popular spots or park close to one and do an out and back route that leads us back to the reward at the end of the walk.
Today we used a great APP called “Map My Walk” which is a free download and syncs with other mapping apps and websites such as Map My Run, Map My Hike and Map My Bike.   You can also search other peoples routes and add your own to the public list for others to enjoy.
The app works to track steps, calories burned and distance.   You can also share your results with friends on Facebook. This total walk is longer than most but we use the walk as a few hours to spend together enjoying trails, water front and parks along the way. If we feel more tired due to the heat we will enjoy a city bay front trolly back to Princess Point. They don’t have a lot of room for bikes and such but in the past they have made accommodations to help us get back to our starting point.
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 4.03.24 PM
Fridays are a day we all look forward to because we explore new trails and find new favourite spots in our city and we love to do this together. That is what enjoying movement is all about. Please let me know if you ever need a hand setting up your app or looking for a new and exciting trail to walk about in Hamilton.


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