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A Super Satisfying Cardio & Core Workout

By May 23, 2018March 9th, 2019No Comments

Cardio is great for revving your heart rate, burning calories, and improving your heart health. Core exercises will increase your entire body strength, improve your posture and decrease the risk of injury when you lift weights. Together, cardio and core are the perfect combo when it comes to a super satisfying workout. We’re talking about that kind of workout where you feel on cloud nine at the end of it, and think to yourself, “heck yeah, I did that!”

Get Started

Here’s an amazing cardio & core workout to get your sweat on and feel super satisfied afterwards. You don’t need any equipment to perform this workout, just some empty floor space and a can-do attitude! Keep your core engaged throughout the entire workout to get the most effective workout. You can pick up the pace to increase the intensity. Do each exercise for 15 reps / side or 30 reps in total, and you’ll be finished the whole workout within less than 30 minutes!


5-minute dynamic warmup
Standing Lateral Crunch
Squat With Side Toe Tap
Squat Walk-Out With Row
Flutter Kick
Weightless Windmill

Squat With Side Crunch
Plank With Elbow Tap
Reach and Pull
Standing Kickback
Sumo Squat to Tip Toe

Standing High-Knee Crunch
Frog Squat
Forward Curtsy
Squat With Side Reach
Plank With Tuck
Cool Down: 5-minute stretch

If you have questions about how to perform any of these exercises, get in touch with any of our amazing Personal Trainer Hamilton and they’ll be glad to support you through this workout!