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Best Ways to Celebrate Fitness Milestones!

By March 22, 2018March 9th, 2019No Comments
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At Momentum Fitness, we create goals with each of our members and clients, which can be anything from losing weight to creating a regular workout schedule. An important part of your fitness goal is the celebration that comes after each milestone you reach! Each step closer to your goal is a step towards a brighter, healthier future and it deserves recognition. Never forget how important it is to celebrate milestones along the way.  Small celebrations can include:

Write in Your Journal

Journaling about a positive experience, such as achieving a fitness milestone, allows your brain to relive it. It also reaffirms your abilities when the ugly head of self-doubt appears. The release of endorphins and dopamine will boost your self-esteem and mood. These reflections can become a catalogue of personal achievements that you continue to go back to, and it’ll help you stay committed to the end goal.

Share a Photo on Social Media

We aren’t the type of gym to promote before and after photos because we truly believe that feeling strong and healthy is the most important part of exercising. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge in a fun selfie and share your fitness story on social media! The encouragement from your followers can be very motivational, and you never know who you might inspire!

Treat Yourself

Go buy a gift card to your favourite store NOW and use it when you reach your NEXT milestone. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that there’s a reward waiting for you! The anticipation for the incentive will keep you committed to your goal and ensure you keep up the great work. You can also treat yourself to a new pair of workout shoes, or a special event, like a sporting event or a spa day. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it!

Try Something New

Sign-up for a new fitness class you’ve always wanted to try. Sometimes, a reward can be as simple as switching up the routine! The classes at Momentum can be a really fun way to switch things up, or a yoga practice with our friends at Moksha Yoga Hamilton. Even something as fun as boxing with the punching bag at our Ottawa Street location can be a reward for your hard work!

Eat Out

We’re lucky to live in Hamilton and to be surrounded by dozens of incredible restaurants. Whether you want to stick to your healthy eating, give yourself a cheat day, or find something in between, Hamilton has a restaurant for you! Get together with some friends and treat yourself to a yummy meal. You can get a healthy vegan burger at Boon Burger on Ottawa Street, or flip the switch and go to HMBRGR for a treat. Whatever you decide to do, make it a memorable experience by inviting friends, dressing up, and celebrating your success.

Personal celebrations can keep you motivated, but sharing it with others is also really important! Having people on your team and celebrating with you makes all the difference! The staff at Momentum are always excited to celebrate our member’s achievements. We make a point of celebrating at the end of every challenge, race, or major event we do, and there’s a reason why! It brings our community together and awards everyone for the progress and commitment they’ve made to reach a new milestone or goal.

Our Challenge To You

Share one of your goals and milestones with a Momentum Fitness Coach, and ask them for ideas on how you might celebrate your milestone once you achieve it. What other ways might you celebrate this milestone?  How can you show generosity to those who helped you and ensure that your story of success is told? We want to hear about all of your success!