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Beat that Gymtimidation

By February 20, 2019March 8th, 2019No Comments

Here at Momentum we aim to have everyone feel welcome in our Gyms in Hamilton Ontario. We’ve designed our spaces to be bright and welcoming, our coaches are accessible and happy to help, and our members are second-to-none in friendliness.

However, we totally understand that being intimidated about hitting the gym (gymtimidation, as we like to call it) is a common fear. It’s understandable; new equipment, new exercises, new people and an environment that can be uncomfortable for even seasoned gym-goers. You are not alone. I repeat, you are NOT alone. Beat GYMTIMIDATION with these strategies.

Plan ahead

Indoor shoes? Check. Clothing you feel comfortable in? Check. Gym bag packed with water and tasty post-workout snacks? Check. You schedule meetings, appointments and social commitments; schedule your gym sessions and spend a few minutes packing up the essentials so you arrive prepared.

Once you’ve made it into the gym, have a plan.

It can be challenging arriving and not being sure what to do. There’s nothing worse than wandering around aimlessly. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s also not the best use of your time. Consider using TrueCoach, your phone or a notebook so you know exactly what your workout is before you arrive. Need some help with coming up with a plan? Email one of our coaches about programming where your workouts are shared with you via TrueCoach!

Plug in & zone out 

Bring music that pumps you up!  Channel your inner Rocky with “Eye of the Tiger”. Pack your phone and headphones and plug in to your favourite beats, whether “Danger Zone”, “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Africa” is more up your alley.  Wearing headphones is the unofficial symbol of ‘Please do not disturb me, I am in the Zone’. We love wireless headphones, arm bands you can slide your phone into, or pants with pockets to help keep you rocking – and working –  out.

Familiarize yourself with gym etiquette

A contributor to gymtimidation can stem from the unknown. “Is that other member still using that machine?” “How do I load weight plates?” “Can I leave my dumbbells here?” Here at Momentum, we offer all new members an orientation session to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident heading into the gym. We’ll explain the basics, answer any questions you might have and even get you started with your very first workout tailored to your goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Big or small, we’re here to help. If there isn’t a coach accessible at the moment you need help, consider politely asking another member. When in doubt, ask, ask ask! What your elementary school teacher taught you is right- ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question’

Know you are not alone

This is KEY.  Everyone in the gym has different goals, but everyone has one thing in common; everyone started as a beginner. Just because you see someone doing a particularly challenging exercise, doesn’t mean you need to do the same thing. Whether your goal is strength, flexibility, weight loss or anything else, keep working towards your OWN goals and you’ll be confident and comfortable in no time!

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