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Angela Lefebvre Member of the Month

By October 13, 2016No Comments
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Congratulations to Angela Lefebvre who is our Member of the Month for September 2016.  Angela has come such a long way in such a short since joining Momentum in February of this year.  Angela was admittedly nervous about joining a gym since she did not have a ton of experience with exercise and it was a while since she had been in a gym.

With the help of her husband James and our superstar Coach Cole, Angela has learned how to move her body more efficiently and as a result she has seen amazing gains in all areas related to her fitness.

We asked Angela a few questions to gain more insight about her Momentum experience and how being a member has impacted her.


Do you remember why you joined Momentum?


Yes, I joined as I was looking for an environment that I felt comfortable working out in, and most importantly, wanted to meet some fitness goals. I needed assistance in this, as I had not worked out in many years, and needed guidance.


How has Momentum helped you?


I have gained confidence, achieved some significant milestones in my goals, and have even set some fitness goals that I never thought would be obtainable to me.


Do you have any goals that you have accomplished that you would like to share with our community?


My main goal when I joined was to lose some weight and gain knowledge in how to achieve this. I have been working out with Cole for the last 4 months, and never thought I would be able to row as far as I have, improve my cardio as much as I have, or gain strength overall. Cole somehow knows how to push me further than I think I can go, and I truly appreciate his patience and guidance. Without him, I would not have achieved the goals I have reached. Thank you so much Cole and Craig for encouraging me, and helping me achieve my goals!

We are so proud of Angela and her commitment to living a healthy, active life.

Congratulations and keep up the great work!