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Alix Stosic Member of the Month

By August 17, 2016No Comments
Alix Stosic

Congratulations to Alix Stosic who is our Member of the Month for July 2016.  Alix was our very first member at our George Street gym when we opened in October 2016.  Her parents and brother have been long time members at our Dundas location, so when we opened across the street from Alix’s work, it was inevitable that she would join.

Initially Alix started off slow since it was the holiday season and work was presenting challenges that limited her attendance at the gym.  At the same time, Alix was getting married in the spring.  Since then Alix has been unstoppable!  She regularly trains with Coach Cole and attends classes at Frid Street and she has been a regular at Cole’s Learn to Move initiative at the David Braley Health Sciences Centre.

We asked Alix a few questions to gain more insight about her Momentum experience and how being a member has impacted her.  Please keep reading as she offers great perspective that may just motivate you to get your own Momentum!


How has Momentum helped you?


While I was active in sports when I was younger, once I entered the working world, I was fairly sedentary and worked primarily at a desk. I had never been a ‘gym person’ so I wasn’t sure about how to use most of the equipment and felt a bit intimidated about the notion of starting from scratch. I started working with Cole twice a week in March. Initially, having an appointment and a scheduled time kept me accountable. With the coaching, I became more comfortable and confident with the equipment and with different exercises. After a few weeks of consistency, it was like a switch flipped; instead of slightly dreading going to the gym, it became something I looked forward to and actually had a tonne of fun doing. Eventually, I started incorporating some kind of activity into my daily routine, between the coaching and on my own. I feel very different both mentally and physically and have more energy than ever.


Do you have any goals that you have accomplished that you would like to share with our community?


One of my goals this summer was to do something different and active each week! Having this goal in mind has been so helpful to consider active options when making plans with friends, family and coworkers. So far, this has been early morning workouts, classes at Frid St, rock climbing, a running app where you run away from zombies, hiking, trampoline aerobics, attempting to train my dog to run with me (he’s an 8 lb chihuahua so that didn’t go so well, unfortunately), yoga and canoeing. I celebrated my birthday recently by running the ‘Insane Inflatable 5K’ with friends. Other goals were to touch my toes (I have never been able to and thought I was physically incapable, so was so excited when I realized I could!) and to be able to “lift big weights and eat big (vegetarian) steaks”

Congratulations Alix and keep up the great work!