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4 Reasons Why Kettlebells Are Awesome

By March 2, 2020No Comments
Coach Darren having fun with a Kettlebell at Momentum Fitness

With so many different ways to exercise these days, it can be difficult to make a decision when planning to learn a new set of skills.  There are endless protocols for resistance training, many different styles of fitness classes, and a never ending list of different pieces of equipment; yet the industry keeps inventing more.

With all of this being said, the kettlebell stands alone as Coach Darren’s personal favourite tool at the gym.  Instead of writing a novel to describe all the reasons why, Coach Darren has summed up 4 main reasons why you should add Kettlebell’s to your routine.

1. Posture improvement

Kettlebell training, specifically the two handed kettlebell swing, is one of the best ways to improve your posture.  In a world of abundant sitting, many of us end up with a rounded posture, glutes that don’t fire optimally, and weaker abdominal muscles; which may lead to back pain and a higher risk of injury.  The kettlebell swing is on the short list of the most efficient exercises to improve all of these areas.

Note: it might be necessary for some people to do some initial core and glute activation exercises in order to get the most benefit from the swing.  Once your core and posterior chain starts firing optimally, you’ll be on your way to solving a lot of sitting related issues.

2. Improve muscle endurance and cardiovascular

Because of the high volume approach to a lot of kettlebell training, you are inevitably going to develop your muscular endurance.  Different exercises will emphasize different muscle groups, but most kettlebell specific exercises require the whole body to work as one unit; great for sport specific training and developing general coordination and dexterity.  You’ll even notice your grip strength improve!

And since you will be doing a high number of repetitions that require your whole body to be working, you’ll elevate your heart rate to challenge your cardiovascular system as well.

3. You just need one kettlebell for a great workout

There is beauty in simplicity and convenience.  One of the most appealing aspects of learning how to properly train with a kettlebell is the ability to get in a workout of any intensity using just one.  Just pick 3 or 4 exercises, do them back to back without putting the kettlebell down, and repeat the circuit several times.  It’s an excellent way to get a full body workout in 25 minutes or less.  They are perfect for travelling and when you have limited access to equipment.  Using them at the gym also eliminates the amount of equipment to put away after you have emptied the gas tank on the last set of your circuit.

4. Adding something new into your regime is exciting

It’s easy to fall into the same pattern at the gym each day because there is comfort in doing familiar exercises and it can be scary learning new exercise techniques.  But doing the same routine can result in plateauing or boredom.  Learning how to use a kettlebell is a fun way to add excitement to your workouts, build self esteem, self efficacy, and long term satisfaction as you continue refining the techniques and move more efficiently.

In summary, if you are looking to shake up your workouts or truly improve your muscle endurance and cardiovascular, look no further than kettlebells.  Last but not least, Coach Darren will challenge anyone to try to find a cooler looking way of lifting weights. It won’t happen!

Coach Darren is creating a 90 minute workshop in March to help you learn how to use Kettlebells safely and effectively.  He’s also including a Kettlebell program so you can practise and master it!  Email us at for more info.

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